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This online spreadsheet can estimate the cost of heating, the quantity of fuel needed and the associated carbon emissions.
To estimate the amount of heat needed go to the Heat Need Calculator

Fuel costs vary hugely - replace the very approximate figures given with your own local data in the white cells, first for the cost of fuel, then for how much energy you are expecting to use. (It doesn't matter which currency, as long as you use the same one throughout)

(Download as a spreadsheet: fuelcostframe.xls)

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The default cost figures are based on averages for England in January 2013, though there is huge variation, especially in the cost of wood products.
Wood is assumed to be 20% moisture, wetter wood will be dramatically less effective, see Wood Fuel
Wood logs are measured in cubic metres, an American Cord is about 3.6 cu.m
The efficiency figures are a rough guess at the whole system efficiency, which is widely variable in practice. Individual appliance efficiencies are only vaguely indicative of the overall system efficiency.
Carbon emission as given as mass of elemental carbon, to convert to CO2 equivalent multiply by 3.7
Wood is considered carbon-neutral but carries a small carbon overhead in the non-renewables required to process it.
Costs of running, renewing, servicing and repairing equipment are not included.
Based on data from a survey of fuel suppliers conducted in January 2013 and data from the UK Statistics Office at https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/department-of-energy-climate-change/series/quarterly-energy-prices with reference to the to 2009 Defra Conversion Factor Guidelines.

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