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    Fuel Cost Calculator
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    1: Cost of fuel  
      £   Cost Per Supplied kg carbon per supplied    
    Cost Per unit of... kWh kWh
    1 kWh
    cubic m
    50kg sack
    50kg sack
    1 kWh
    1 kWh
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    2: Use of Fuel  
    Enter the number of kWh required for heating in the white cell below. A year's central heating for a small flat in England, Wales or Ireland may be about 5000, for a 2 bed home 7000, 3 bed home 10000, 4 bed home 18000. Heating one room (occasional) 1200, (full) 3000. Overall System efficiency is not just the appliance efficiency and will vary very substantially.  
    Requirement: kWh    
    FUEL Approximate All-System
    Efficiency %
    Cost kg carbon emitted Quantity of fuel used    
    Mains natural gas
    Condensing boiler kWh
    Standard Boiler kWh
    Gas fire kWh
    Flueless fire kWh
    LFE fire kWh
    Heating Oil
    Oil Boiler litres
    Oil Stove litres
    LPG, bulk
    Condensing boiler litres
    Standard Boiler litres
    Gas fire litres
    LFE fire litres
    LPG, bottles
    Gas fire kg
    Log Boiler cu.m
    Log Stove cu.m
    Pellet Boiler kg
    Pellet Stove kg
    Bituminous coal
    Open Fire kg
    Open Fire & Boiler kg
    Stove kg
    Gravity-feed Boiler kg
    Stove kg
    Electricity kWh
    Economy Electric kWh
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