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Wood is about 65% of the world's renewable energy

60% of world households heat or cook using wood, 1.4 Billion (Thousand Million) Households. Wood is about 15-25% of domestic heating in Europe and North America
Wood is about 80% of all renewable energy, it emits virtually no net CO2 Sulfur, lead or heavy metals. We're getting close to eliminating smoke, and have even demonstrated a completely smoke-free stove. It needs no Lithium, Praseodymium or rare materials.
Modern wood stoves produce home heat about 2x as efficiently as a power station and installing wood heating repays its cost faster than anything - about 60hrs use

The European Market for woodstoves: 2.1 Million units, €3.7bn pa

Having fallen off in recent years, stove sales saw a huge upswing in 2012 to 2015 against demands for more renewable energy + some fiscal promotions (France, Germany, Poland). They have lately fallen off a little but appear to be returning to a baseline somewhat above historic levels.

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