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EN 13229:2001 Inset appliances including open fires fired by solid fuels - Requirements and test methods, Incorporating Amendments Nos. 1 and 2 and Corrigendum No. 1

Up-to date information, and printed copies, can be purchased from National Standards Organizations, such as: BSI or NSAI, or your local library may offer online access at no direct cost to you. See also Test Laboratories, Standards and CE Marking.

This is the European Standard for inset (built into the wall) room-heating solid fuel stoves, with or without boilers, including those which are be operated without doors or with the door open.

Typical inset (closed) stove

Among other provisions, it lays down that inset stoves must be:

Soundly constructed
Have means of cleaning their internal flueways
Be provided with a glove or tool for handling hot surfaces
When operated according to the manufacturer's instructions, have an Efficiency of at least 30% and CO emission <1%
Must need refueling no more than every 45 mins. on wood, 1 hour on mineral fuels (closed, intermittent use)
Be capable of burning unattended for 1 hour on wood, 4 hrs on mineral fuel (closed, continuous use)
Open fires to be able to operate without spillage on a flue draught of only 6Pa
Be marked with a label showing the maker's name or mark and the model, plus the following performance data:
- output to space and to water
- CO emission at 13% oxygen
- maximum water operating pressure (if applicable)
- minimum clearance distances from combustible materials, in mm
- whether or not for use in a shared flue;
- whether for continuous or intermittent operation.

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