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BS 3376:1994 British Standard Specification for Open fires burning solid mineral fuels with convection, with or without boilers

Up-to date information, and printed copies, can be purchased from National Standards Organizations, such as: BSI or NSAI, or your local library may offer online access at no direct cost to you. See also Test Laboratories, Standards and CE Marking.

Although European Standard EN 13229 now covers open convector fires, this British National Standard has been retained for the type of open mineral fuel fires which heat by convection as well as by radiation, it is more-or-less identical to the Standard for traditional inset open fires BS 4834, but, among other things, adds: Provisions for adjustable throat restrictors to partly close-off the flue outlet and so reduce heat loss from excess ventilation. Fires with an opening area of 850cm² or less are to have an opening into the flue of 20cm² to 35cm² (36cm² to 65cm² for larger fires), openable by a further 65cm²
The fire will have an efficiency of at least 45%.

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