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Scientific and technical information about domestic heating and cooking using coal, wood and other solid fuels.

From sophisticated European central heating to simple firestones, small appliances, fired by wood, coal and other solid fuels are most of the world's cooking and heating. They can be extraordinarily efficient, completely renewable, adaptable, reliable, cheap and safe. Some of them can be supremely clean, others can be a source of serious pollutants. Soliftec is here to help make them better.

Small stoves matter, because...
● They are most of the world's domestic heating and cooking, 1.4 Billion (Thousand Million) Households

● They can be virtually carbon-neutral

● They pay back their environmental cost faster than almost anything...

● They can be very clean... but they can also be very dirty

Among other things, Soliftec has got...
An index to useful books, papers and reports in The Library
Information on Standards and CE Marking
A widely respected, Fuel Costs indicator.
... and just some Fascinating Facts



EU Regulation 2015/1185 - of 24 April 2015 - higher performance standards and lower smoke emission of local space heaters required as from 1 January 2022
http://eur-lex.europa.eu ...

EU Regulation 2015/1186 - 24 April 2015 - energy labelling of local space heaters required as from from 1 January 2018

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